Authority Record Import Updates Editor, Edit Date.

Importing an authority record via MARC Batch Import/Export now causes the authority record’s editor and edit_date fields to be updated. The editor value may come from the MARC 905u field or, if none is present, the user performing the import.

Authority Propagation Updates Bib Editor / Edit Date

When a bib record is automatically updated as a result of the modification of a linked authority record, the bib record’s "Last Edit Date/Time" and "Last Editing User" fields will be updated to match the time of the update and the editor of the modified authority record.

A new global flag is available to control this behavior called ingest.disable_authority_auto_update_bib_meta ("Authority Automation: Disable automatic authority updates from modifying bib record editor and edit_date"). When enabled, theses fields will not be updated. By default, this setting is disabled.

An additional speed improvement is included in this feature. No attempt will be made to update linked bib records when the normalized heading of the modified authority record is unchanged by the authority record update.

Bibliographic Record Source Now Copied to 901$s

If a bibliographic record has a source set, the name of that source is now copied to the 901$s whenever the record is created or updated. This allows the source to be used for record matching and MARC field queries.

Option to Update Bib Source and Edit Details on Record Import

When importing records through the client, users will now have the ability to define whether the bib source, last editor, and last edit date should be updated on a record merge/overlay.

In MARC Batch Import / Export, select the Merge / Overlay tab. Each entry in the table has a value in the new Update bib. source column. If that value is True, then the bib source, last editor, and last edit date will be updated.

The two system-defined entries have been pre-set to appropriate values (Full Overlay = true; Match-Only Merge = false).