Part II. Evergreen 2.12 Release Notes

Table of Contents

3. Evergreen 2.12.1
4. 2.12.0 Upgrade notes
5. 2.12.0 New Features
Additional SMS Carriers
Bibliographic Fingerprint Improvements
Batch Hold Targeter Speed-up and New Features
Add separate make target for translators
Allow admin to specify where Perl modules will be installed
Addition of missing permissions
get_org_unit_ancestor_at_depth Helper Added to Action Trigger Reactor Helpers
Removed unused selfcheck password setting
Credit Processor Stripe Settings Permissions
New Access Points for MARC Merge/Overlay Profiles
Display Copy Alerts With In-House-Use
Active Date Column Picker Option
Punctuation Insensitive Patron Search
Touch screen improvements for Evergreen self-check interface
Trial Production Use of the Web Staff Client
Client Timezone Awareness
Public Catalog
New Subject Browse Index Definitions
Advanced Search Limiters Enhancement
Arabic and Right-to-Left Language Support for the catalog
Ebook API integration
Links to Other Formats and Editions
Metarecord Search Improvements
Allow Metarecord Search by default
RDA Improvements Integration
6. 2.12.0 Acknowledgments