Installing on Linux

Installation instructions for Linux.

Using Wine and the Windows client

One of th easiest ways to run a staff client on a Linux machine is to use the Windows client with Wine.

  1. Install Wine on your Linux machine.
  2. Download the staff client from
  3. Right click on the downloaded file and open with Wine Windows Program Loader.
  4. Follow the same instructions as you would for installing the staff client on windows.

Building and Deploying an Evergreen Staff Client on Linux

  1. From the Evergreen server, Navigate to the staff_client directory:

    cd  /home/opensrf/Evergreen-ILS-2.2.5/Open-ILS/xul/staff_client
  2. Make a linux staff client

    make linux-client

    This will generate a staff client tarball called evergreen_staff_client.tar.bz2

  3. FTP or SCP the tarball to your staff client machine.
  4. From your staff client machine, create a folder with the name of your staff client and version.
  5. Extract the tar files into that folder
  6. Within the folder, click on the evergreen file to start the program.

    Or, you can run the program from a terminal (command line). For example, if the evergreen files were extracted to a directory called evergreen_client_2.2.5 in your home directory, you can run it with: