Preamble: developer instructions


Skip this section if you are using an official release tarball downloaded from

Developers working directly with the source code from the Git repository, rather than an official release tarball, must install some extra packages and perform one step before they can proceed with the ./configure step.

As the root Linux account, install the following packages:

As the user Linux account, issue the following command in the Evergreen source directory to generate the configure script and Makefiles:

autoreconf -i

After running make install, developers also need to install the Dojo Toolkit set of JavaScript libraries. The appropriate version of Dojo is included in Evergreen release tarballs. Developers should install the Dojo 1.3.3 version of Dojo by issuing the following commands as the opensrf Linux account:

tar -C /openils/var/web/js -xzf dojo-release-1.3.3.tar.gz
cp -r /openils/var/web/js/dojo-release-1.3.3/* /openils/var/web/js/dojo/.