Chapter 3. Release notes

Table of Contents

Upgrade notes
Log Protect (redaction)
Z39.50 Server Definitions
New features
Patron Management
User Activity Types
Authentication Proxy
Auditor Tables
Staff Client Navigation

Upgrade notes

Log Protect (redaction)

To prevent sensitive information such as passwords from being logged in general activity logs, add the following XML chunk to the bottom of opensrf_core.xml, just inside the <config> section:

  <shared> <!-- new block starts here -->
  </shared> <!-- new block ends here -->

Z39.50 Server Definitions

Z39.50 server target definitions have been removed from the sample opensrf.xml.example file. To migrate existing settings from your opensrf.xml configuration file to the database, peform the following steps:

  1. First, set up your custom Z39.50 sources in the database. For each entry in z3950/services, map the following XML paths to the corresponding config.z3950_source table column as follows:

    • z3950/services/<entry> = name
    • //<entry>/name = label
    • //<entry>/host = host
    • //<entry>/port = port
    • //<entry>/db = db
    • //<entry>/record_format = record_format
    • //<entry>/transmission_format = transmission_format
  2. Then, for each attribute defined in the <attrs> element for a given service, map the following XML paths to the corresponding config.z3950_attr table column as follows:

    • z3950/services/<entry> = source
    • //<entry>/attrs/<attr> = name
    • //<entry>/attrs/<attr>/code = code
    • //<entry>/attrs/<attr>/format = format
  3. After adding the new Z39.50 sources and corresponding attributes, you will need to log out of the staff client and log back into the staff client to retrieve the new entry values. If a given Z39.50 server does not work for a given attribute, pay attention to the truncation column for the attribute.