Chapter 45. Serials

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Serial Control View vs. Alternate Serial Control View
MFHD Records

This documentation is intended for users who will be ordering subscriptions, distributing issues, and receiving issues in Evergreen.

Serial Control View vs. Alternate Serial Control View

Serial Control View and Alternate Serial Control View offer you two views of Serials. Both views enable you to create subscriptions, add distributions, define captions, predict future issues, and receive items. Serial Control View was designed for users who work with a smaller number of issues and was designed to accommodate workflows in academic and special libraries. Alternate Serial Control View was designed for users who receive a larger number of issues and was designed for use in public libraries.

The views are interoperable, but because the views were designed for different purposes, some differences emerge. For example, Serial Control View enables you to create and edit serials in a single tabbed interface while Alternate Serial Control View leads you through a series of steps on multiple screens. In addition, receiving functions vary between views. Both receiving interfaces enable you to batch receive issues. However, the Serials Batch Receive interface, which is associated with Alternate Serial Control View, allows for more customization of each receiving unit while the Items tab in Serial Control View allows for greater flexibility in creating multi-issue units, such as in binding serials.

Table 45.1. Serials Control View and Alternate Serials Control View Comparison

Function Serials Control View Alternate Serials Control View

Menu Style

Menu driven

Wizard oriented

Setting Up subscription

No calendar drop downs

Includes calendar drop down

Setting up distributions

No copy template selection

Requires the selection of a copy template

Creating streams

No setup required

Requires streams

Creating captions and patterns

Wizard available

Wizard available

Adding Starting Issue

No holdings code wizard

Includes holdings code wizard

Generate Predictions

Make predictions

Generate predictions

Add items for special issue

No functionality

New items on issuances tab