Part II. Software Installation

Table of Contents

4. Introduction
5. System Requirements
Server Minimum Requirements
Staff Client Requirements
6. Installing the Evergreen server
Preamble: referenced user accounts
Preamble: developer instructions
Installing prerequisites
Configuration and compilation instructions
Installation instructions
Change ownership of the Evergreen files
Configure the Apache Web server
Configure OpenSRF for the Evergreen application
Creating the Evergreen database
Creating the database on a remote server
Starting Evergreen
Testing connections to Evergreen
Getting help
7. Installing the Staff Client
Installing on Windows
Installing on Linux
Using Wine and the Windows client
Building and Deploying an Evergreen Staff Client on Linux
Registering a Workstation
Removing Staff Client Preferences
8. Upgrading the Evergreen Server
Software Prerequisites:
Upgrade the Evergreen code
Upgrade the Evergreen database schema
Restart Evergreen and Test
9. Setting Up EDI Acquisitions
Install EDI Translator
Install EDI Scripts
Configuring Providers
Configuring EDI Accounts
Configuring Organizational Unit SAN code
PO JEDI Template Issues