Loading Sample Data

One common need for people evaluating Evergreen, as well as for developers, writers, and testers, is a set of sample data that can be easily loaded into the Evergreen database and provide a consistent set of results for testing and training purposes.

This release features sets of sample data consisting of:

  • 100 bibliographic records retrievable via a "concerto" keyword search
  • 100 French bibliographic records
  • Associated call numbers, copies, parts, and conjoined items
  • Patron accounts, including some recently expired patrons
  • Circulation transactions, including some holds and some overdue items

To load the sample data into a freshly installed Evergreen database, you can pass the following arguments to the eg_db_config script (either when you are creating the initial database schema, or as a separate call after creating the database schema):

  • --load-all-sample: Loads all sample data, including bibliographic records, call numbers, copies, users, and transactions.
  • --load-concerto-sample: Loads a subset of sample data that includes just 100 bibliographic records, and associated call numbers and copies.