Functions in biblio

check_marcxml_well_formed(). Language: PLPGSQL Return Type: trigger

extract_fingerprint(marc text). Language: PLPGSQL Return Type: text

extract_located_uris(editor_id bigint, marcxml text, bib_id integer). Language: PLPGSQL Return Type: void

extract_metabib_field_entry(bigint). Language: SQL Return Type: SET OF field_entry_template

extract_metabib_field_entry(default_joiner bigint, rid text). Language: PLPGSQL Return Type: SET OF field_entry_template

extract_quality(best_type text, best_lang text, marc text). Language: PLPGSQL Return Type: integer

fingerprint_trigger(). Language: PLPGSQL Return Type: trigger

flatten_marc(rid bigint). Language: PLPGSQL Return Type: SET OF full_rec

indexing_ingest_or_delete(). Language: PLPGSQL Return Type: trigger

map_authority_linking(marc bigint, bibid text). Language: SQL Return Type: bigint

marc21_extract_all_fixed_fields(rid bigint). Language: SQL Return Type: SET OF record_ff_map

marc21_extract_fixed_field(ff bigint, rid text). Language: SQL Return Type: text

marc21_physical_characteristics(rid bigint). Language: SQL Return Type: SET OF marc21_physical_characteristics

marc21_record_type(rid bigint). Language: SQL Return Type: marc21_rec_type_map

next_autogen_tcn_value(). Language: PLPGSQL Return Type: text

normalize_biblio_monograph_part_sortkey(). Language: PLPGSQL Return Type: trigger