Lost Item Billing: New Min/Max Price Settings

When an item is marked lost, the user is typically billed for the item. In Evergreen, they can either be charged the amount recorded in the item object, or if that value is blank (or zero), charged a default price (controlled by settings).

In addition to these existing settings, now we can accommodate a range of prices by saying the patron should be billed at least X and not more than Y. This also allows you to effectively set a fixed price for all lost items by setting min and max to the same amount.

New Org Unit Settings

  • Minimum Item Price: circ.min_item_price
  • Maximum Item Price: circ.max_item_price

New Permissions

  • UPDATE_ORG_UNIT_SETTING.circ.min_item_price
  • UPDATE_ORG_UNIT_SETTING.circ.max_item_price

User Editor: "Update Expire Date" button

A new button labeled "Update Expire Date" is added in the user editor next to expire date field. This button can be used to re-calculate the user’s expire date based on the current profile’s permission interval and today’s date.

This is similar to how the expire date is populated when creating a new user, or when changing the profile group.

This button simplifies the process of "renewing" a user, by eliminating the requirement that staff manually enter a new expire date.

A button is used here so that the updating of the expire date remains an intentional process, not one that happens upon any edit.