Switch to XLSX format for Excel report output

With previous versions of Evergreen, reports generated in the Excel output were limited to a maximum of 64,000 rows. This was a limitation due to the Excel format ".xls". Now, new report outputs for Excel will use format ".xlsx" which allows for much larger report output rows.

Report Editing

Users may now view and edit existing reports.

With each report in the Reports folder view there are two new links, one for viewing (read-only) and one for editing. After changing a report, the user has the option to save the modified report or create a new report with the new values, in effect cloning the original report.

When saving a changed report that has a pending run, the user will be warned of this and asked if they would prefer to modify the scheduled report or to instead save the changed values as a new report, leaving the original report intact.

Reports Documentation Links and Hints

  • Report templates support a new External URL field, which may contain a link to template-specific, local documentation.

    • When set, a link to the external documentation will be displayed in a new column in the template list and within the report editor.
    • URL’s are set in the Documentation URL entry.
  • Template display fields and filters support a new Field Hint value. When set, hints are displayed in the report editor.

    • Values are set via the Change Field Hint option along the bottom of the template editor.

Secondary Permission Groups

The patron registration/edit screen now has an interface for adding secondary permission groups (profiles) to a user account. This gives library staff the ability to assign sets of permissions from multiple permission groups to a single user. For example, if you have a cataloger who also does acquisitions, and you have separate permission groups for Catalogers and Acquisitions, the new UI allows you to add acquisitions as a secondary perm group on the cataloger’s account, thus granting all Acquisitions permissions to that user without changing the user’s primary profile group.

Library staff require the CREATE_USER_GROUP_LINK and REMOVE_USER_GROUP_LINK permissions (which already exist in Evergreen) in order to add or remove a user’s secondary permission groups.