TPAC Copy View/Edit Links

Adds view and edit links next to each copy in the TPAC record details copy grid when viewed from within the staff client. The edit link only appears when the authenticated user has permission to edit the specified copy.

Both links open new tabs. When the edit link is used, the Unified Volume/Item Creator/Editor org unit setting is inspected to determine which style of copy edit interface to display. When the view link is used, the copy details display in the Item Status screen.

Display "Imported As" in Vandelay Queue

This simple new feature appears within the Cataloging MARC Batch Import/Export screens. When viewing the contents of a Vandelay queue, for example when inspecting a queue or right after bib imports, there is a new column called Imported As. This new column displays the record ID, also known as the bib number, of the bib records currently listed in the queue. If the bib records listed in the queue have not been imported yet, this column is blank until the queued records are imported. After import the queued records will display the assigned record ID for the listed bib(s).

MARC Stream Importer

New command line options were added to for passing additional Vandelay import flags. Prior to this change, only auto-overlay-exact was supported.

New options:

  • --auto-overlay-exact

    • Overlay/merge on exact 901c matches
  • --auto-overlay-1match

    • Overlay/merge when exactly one match is found
  • --auto-overlay-best-match

    • Overlay/merge on best match
  • --import-no-match

    • Import when no match is found

Like Vandelay, these options can be combined.

Monograph Part Merging

The monograph part list for a bibliographic record may, over time, diverge from the proscribed format, resulting in multiple labels for what are essentially the same item. For instance, Vol. 1 may have variants like V.1, Vol 1, or  Vol. 1 (leading space).This feature will allow cataloging staff to collapse the variants into one value.