Change to Holds Shelf Expire Report

When limiting to Clearable Holds in the Browse Holds Shelf interface, the system will no longer display and clear holds expiring today. Instead, it will look for holds that expired before today.

Support holds targeting and fulfillment of precats for ILL

Adds support for holds targeting and fulfillment of copy-level holds on pre-cat records. This feature makes integration with FulfILLment, NCIP and other ILL mediators easier because pre-cat copies can successfully be used for the ILL records.

Support for a Lost and Paid Status

This feature supports a new, optional, Lost and Paid status that can be used by sites that want to distinguish between lost items with outstanding bills and those that have been fully paid. A site may want to make this distinction to set different OPAC visibility or holdability rules for these items.

If enabled, when a lost item is fully paid, the copy’s status will automatically change to Lost and Paid.

New setting available via the Library Settings Editor

  • Use Lost and Paid copy status (circ.use_lost_paid_copy_status)