Web client preview

The 2.7 release will contain a preview of web client circulation features. Circulation is the first step in moving all staff functions from the existing XULRunner-based client to a web application that will be based on AngularJS.

Evergreen is moving away from the existing client because XULRunner no longer supports features critical to the Evergreen software, including remote XUL, multi-part streaming, and XML JavaScript. The new web client is expected to show some speed improvements, to provide comprehensive support for internationalization/localization, to provide good support for assistive technologies, to be easier to customize locally, and to be more mobile friendly.

The intent of the preview is to make it easier for end users at Evergreen sites to try the new client, become familiar with its features, and to discover/report bugs that are found. Instructions to implement the web client can be found in the code in Open-ILS/web/js/ui/default/staff/README.install. These will be revised and moved to the full README for 2.7.1.