Chapter 4. New features

Table of Contents

Acquisitions speed improvements
Differentiate Delayed vs. Canceled Items
Switch to XLSX format for Excel report output
Report Editing
Reports Documentation Links and Hints
Secondary Permission Groups
TPAC Copy View/Edit Links
Display "Imported As" in Vandelay Queue
MARC Stream Importer
Monograph Part Merging
Change to Holds Shelf Expire Report
Support holds targeting and fulfillment of precats for ILL
Support for a Lost and Paid Status
Web client preview
Added Content by Record ID
Content Cafe Added Content Update
More RDA 264 tag support
Sitemap generator


Acquisitions speed improvements

Improvements to the rendering of the acquisitions fund selector will improve the speed at which the purchase order, copy grid, PO/invoice charge creator, and distribution formula editor load. These speed improvements will be most noticeable for sites that use many funds.

Differentiate Delayed vs. Canceled Items


Canceled and delayed lineitems and copies in acquisitions are marked as canceled in the database. The determining factor of whether an item is delayed or canceled is the keep_debits flag on the cancel reason.

The changes below help to differentiate between these two closely-related states by improving labels in the interface and providing separate counts for delayed vs. canceled.


  • Show number canceled and number delayed in lineitem summary displays

    • Includes summary displays in invoices and copy grids
  • Update stock cancel cause labels to include "Canceled:.." and "Delayed:…" prefixes.
  • When a lineitem or copy is marked as canceled, show the cancel cause label in the interface instead of the bare (and misleading and non-I18N friendly) string "cancelled".

    • Related, for non-canceled states, show a translatable string representing the name of the state instead of the bare state code.
  • Add cancel cause labels to the print PO and lineitem worksheet templates.

Support Cancellation of Delayed Lineitems

When a lineitem is marked as delayed (canceled with keep_debits == true), allow staff to cancel the lineitem again in the ACQ PO/Selection List interface. Once a lineitem is marked as truly canceled, it cannot be canceled again.