Examples in Apache configuration for "No Image"

There are now commented out examples for custom images to be used when "no image" is present in the catalog for cover art. The included examples are for small/medium/large jacket image art in the event they are not found by the configured Added Content module.

Pre-Expiration A/T Event Definition

A new Action Trigger event definition ("30 Day Account Expiration Courtesy Notice") for sending alerts to users before their accounts are expired has been added. This is intended to give users time to renew their account before they lose access to library services.

Improved caching of web server templates

Template Toolkit processors used by Apache are now cached for better performance (by virtue of thereby being able to take advantage of Template Toolkit’s internal caching mechanism). In addition, the compiled versions of the templates themselves can be cached to provide an additional performance boost.

Two Apache virtualhost configuration variables are added to control caching of compiled templates:

  • OILSWebCompiledTemplateCache - specifies location on the web server filesystem to store compiled templates.
  • OILSWebTemplateStatTTL - specifies number of seconds before checking to see if a newer version of a cached template is available.

As a result of the caching changes, it is now necessary for Evergreen administrators to reload Apache to ensure that a change to (say) TPAC templates becomes visible.