Account Expiration Date in My Account

The Account Expiration Date has been added to the catalog’s My Account display on the main Account Summary page and the Account Preferences page. This should help patrons with figuring out when their accounts are due to expire before they actually expire.

Change to Available Copies Display

The Show link in the available copies area of the record summary will now display for any org unit that owns a copy of a particular title, even if all those copies are unavailable. The Show link will not display if a) the copy display is already scoped to that org unit or b) the org unit does not own copies of the title.

The language has also been changed to read "x of y copies available at z library."

Column sorting in circulation screens

Sorting of selected columns is now available in the Items Checked Out, Check Out History, and Holds screens.

  • Clicking on the appropriate column heads now sorts the contents from “ascending” to “descending” to “no sort”. (The “no sort” restores the original list as presented in the screen.)
  • The sort indicator (an up or down arrow) is placed to the right of the column head, as appropriate.
  • The combined Title/Author column in the Items Checked Out screen is now separated into two independently sortable columns (Title and Author).
  • Title sorting is done with the non-filing characters (leading “the”, “a”, “an”, and other langugage equivalents) removed. The leading articles are rendered in a smaller font, so as to keep the main entry prominent. In addition to the non-filing characters removed for the sort, leading non-alphanumeric characters are ignored in the sort.

New bib source variable for catalog customization

For bibliographic records, there is a "bib source" that can be associated with every record. This source is now available as a variable that can be used behind the scenes when customizing the online catalog. The new bib source variables do not present themselves in the catalog display by default.

New class attribute for e-resource links

In the catalog, links to electronic resources now have a link class attribute of "uri_link" to make them easier to customize or build additional services upon.

Removal of deprecated "JSPAC" interface

The deprecated Javascript OPAC interface known as "JSPAC" is no longer included in Evergreen as of this release.

With the understanding that local sites may have made use of existing parts of the old JSPAC interface — especially images and CSS — no attempt is made at upgrade time to automatically remove the existing files from disk.

When upgrading, you may wish to remove "index.xml" from your Apache DirectoryIndex directives.

The following directories, xml, js, and css files were formerly part of JSPAC, and you may be able to safely remove them from your system after verifying that they and their contents are no longer required:

  • web/opac/common/css/
  • web/opac/common/js/dtree.js
  • web/opac/common/xml/
  • web/opac/extras/bbags.js
  • web/opac/extras/bbags.xml
  • web/opac/skin/default/js/
  • web/opac/skin/default/xml/
  • web/opac/theme/

The list of images removed in this change is lengthy, and not included here.

Removal of legacy selfcheck interface

The legacy selfcheck interface is no longer included in Evergreen as of this release.

This interface was formerly located at a URL ending in extras/selfcheck/selfcheck.xml

No attempt is made at upgrade time to automatically remove this interface.

It is recommended that you remove this interface and its associated configuration after performing an upgrade:

(paths relative to Evergreen web root)

  • opac/extras/selfcheck/selfcheck.css
  • opac/extras/selfcheck/selfcheck.js
  • opac/extras/selfcheck/selfcheck.xml
  • opac/extras/selfcheck/selfcheck_print.css

You can also remove the related Apache configuration block starting with:

<LocationMatch .*/selfcheck.xml>