Chapter 5. Evergreen 3.0.11

Table of Contents

Bug fixes

This release contains bug fixes improving on Evergreen 3.0.10. All bug fixes refer to the web staff client unless otherwise specified.

Bug fixes

  • Several strings are now displayed in the correct translation.
  • Right clicking in grids results in more intuitive behavior.
  • Usernames and barcodes containging the % character no longer experience problems logging in.
  • Fixes cases in which the web client stops loading after the toolbar.
  • Fixes problems in which using the web client in multiple tabs leads to data inconsistency.
  • Fixes an issue that caused authentication session checks to spam the system and needlessly fill up logs.
  • Boolean fields within grid views now say "Yes"/"No" instead of "true"/"false".
  • Fixes sorting issues in the patron search.
  • Staff can now choose to print out only a selection of items out, instead of having to print them all.
  • The patron triggered event screen now respects the circ.staff.max_visible_event_age library setting.
  • Fixes an issue which caused an exception to be thrown during non-cataloged item checkout.
  • Fixes permission issues related to merging users.
  • The bibliographic record summary now displays the call number that matches the library’s classification system.
  • The copy editor now makes shelving locations visible to catalogers from other libraries as needed.
  • Once a record is overlayed in the Z39.50 screen, it is no longer marked for overlay.
  • Several fixes to the filters on the Holdings View screen.
  • Several fixes to how empty volumes are created and displayed.
  • Fixes to item and call number transfers.
  • Fixes several issues with the item status list view.
  • When adding new copies, the circulation library now defaults to the call number’s owning library.
  • Fixes display issues with the Print Item Labels page.
  • Fixes an issue in which the staff client and the OPAC displayed different counts of available items.