Chapter 13. 3.1.0 New Features

Table of Contents

New Latency Tester Tool
marc_export --uris option
Sample Data Includes Surveys
Virtual Index Definitions
Track Record Merges
Alternate Patron Hold Pickup
New Patron Billing Statement
Enhanced Billing Timestamp Support
Copy Alerts and Suppression Matrix
Place Multiple Holds At Once
New Notice Columns in Items Out Grid
Patron Email Addresses Now Clickable In Web Staff Client
Pickup Library for Staff-placed Holds
Public Catalog
Search Term Highlighting
Copy Location Filter Displays for System Searches
Multi-source Attributes
Optional Display of Badges in Catalog
Fixes to patron name/username search indexes


New Latency Tester Tool

The Evergreen Web Staff Client now includes a section called Tests linked from Administration → Workstation. The Tests page houses a simple tool that can be used to test the latency of the websocket connection between the client and the server (via the opensrf.echo service).

This page displays which Evergreen host server is being queried. Upon hitting the blue "Start Test" button for the first time, it will issue 10 sequentially fired requests in order to get a solid initial average. Clicking the button a second time will take one more measurement and recalculate the average latency. The results can be copied to clipboard for troubleshooting purposes and also cleared from display.

marc_export --uris option

The marc_export support script now has a --uris option (short form: -u) to export records with located URIs (i.e. electronic resources). When used by itself, it will export only records that have located URIs. When used in conjunction with --items, it will add records with located URIs but no items/copies to the output. If combined with a --library or --descendants option, this option will limit its output to those records with URIs at the designated libraries. The best way to use this option is in combination with the --items and one of the --library or --descendants options to export all of a library’s holdings both physical and electronic.