Fixes to patron name/username search indexes

When using pg_restore to restore an Evergreen database, some of the indexes used to speed up patron searches on names and usernames could be lost.

This release fixes the underlying issue and re-creates the indexes in question.


When using pg_restore to restore an affected database, the "unaccent" indexes on actor.usr would not be created due to an unqualified function reference in evergreen.unaccent_and_squash.

The function will be replaced to resolve the search path issue, and the following indexes on actor.usr will be dropped and then re-created:

  • actor_usr_first_given_name_unaccent_idx;
  • actor_usr_second_given_name_unaccent_idx;
  • actor_usr_family_name_unaccent_idx;
  • actor_usr_usrname_unaccent_idx;

This will be done even if the indexes are already present, and may take a few minutes on a database with many patrons.