Part X. Serials

Table of Contents

99. Serials
MFHD Records
100. Serials Administration
Serial Copy Templates
Creating a Serial Copy Template
Modifying a Serial Copy Template
Deleting a Serial Copy Template
Prediction Pattern Templates
Creating a Prediction Pattern Template
101. Serials Module
Create a Subscription
Create and Manage Predictions
Predict Issues Using a New Prediction Pattern
Predict Issues Using a Prediction Pattern Template
Predict Issues Using a Prediction Pattern from a Bibliographic and/or MFHD Record
Manage Issues
102. Receiving
Quick Receive
Receiving from the Manage Issues tab
Receive Next Issue and Barcode
Receive Next Issue (no barcode)
Batch Receiving
Batch Receive and Barcode
Receive multiple issues (no barcode)
103. Routing Lists
104. Special Issues
Adding Extra Copies
Adding Special Issues
105. Binding Issues
106. Holdings
System Generated Holdings Statement
MARC Format for Holdings Display (MFHD)
Create an MFHD record
Edit a MFHD record
Delete a MFHD Record
107. Group Serials Issues in the Template Toolkit OPAC
Displaying Issues in the OPAC