Angular6 Base Application

With Evergreen 3.2, we introduce the initial infrastructure for migrating to a new version of Angular. The structure of the new code is quite different from the AngularJS code and it runs as a separate application which communicates with the AngularJS app via shared storage and in-page URLs that link back and forth between the two.

For this release, users will only be directed to the new Angular site when navigating to Administration ⇒ Acquisitions Administration. Once on this page, some of the admin interfaces will presented as Angular6 interfaces, while others will direct users back to the AngularJS application. The Angular6 interfaces are the simpler, grid-based interfaces.

Acquisitions Admin Angular6 Interfaces

  • Cancel Reasons
  • Claim Event Types
  • Claim Policies
  • Claim Policy Actions
  • Claim Types
  • Currency Types
  • EDI Accounts
  • EDI Messages
  • Exchange Rates
  • Fund Tags
  • Invoice Item Types
  • Invoice Payment Method
  • Line Item Alerts
  • Line Item MARC Attribute Definitions

System Admin Upgrade Notes

Like the AngularJS application, Evergreen releases will come with all web browser staff client code pre-compiled. Admins only need to add an Apache configuration change.

Add the following stanza to /etc/apache2/eg_vhost.conf.

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI}  ^/eg2/
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI}  !^/eg2/([a-z]{2}-[A-Z]{2})/
RewriteRule ^/eg2/(.*) https://%{HTTP_HOST}/eg2/en-US/$1 [R=307,L]

<Directory "/openils/var/web/eg2/en-US">
    FallbackResource /eg2/en-US/index.html

For multi-locale sites, see the bottom section of Open-ILS/examples/apache[_24]/ for a sample fr-CA configuration. The section starts with "/eg2/ client setup and locale configuration"

Developer Upgrade Notes

Developers building Angular code on existing installations need to update their version of NodeJS by re-running the -developer prereqs installer.

sudo make -f Open-ILS/src/extras/Makefile.install <osname>-developer