Part IX. Cataloging

Table of Contents

82. Introduction
MARC Tag-table Service
83. Copy Buckets
Managing Copy Buckets
Creating Copy Buckets
Editing Copy Buckets
Sharing Copy Buckets
Deleting Copy Buckets
Adding Copies to a Bucket
From the Copy Bucket Interface
From a Catalogue Search
From the Scan Item Interface
Removing Copies from a Bucket
Editing Copies in a Bucket
Deleting Copies from the Catalogue
Placing Holds on Copies in a Bucket
Transferring Copies to Volumes
84. Copy Tags
Adding Existing Copy Tags to Copies
Creating and Applying a Copy Tag During Cataloging
Removing Copy Tags from Copies
Adding Copy Tags to Copies in Batch
Searching Copy Tags
Digital Bookplate Search Field
Keyword Search
85. Working with the MARC Editor
Editing MARC Records
MARC Record Leader and MARC fixed field 008
86. Record Buckets
Creating Record Buckets
Adding Records to a Bucket
From the Record Bucket Interface
87. MARC 007 Field Physical Characteristics Wizard
88. Return to Search Results from MARC Record
89. Batch Importing MARC Records
Record Display Attributes
Record Match Sets
Creating a Match Set
Replace Mode
Quality Metrics
Merge/Overlay Profiles
Import Item Attributes
Import Records
Default Values for Item Import
90. Overlay Existing Catalog Record via Z39.50 Import
91. Z39.50 Search Enhancements
92. Monograph Parts
Add a Monograph Part to an Existing Record
Monograph Part Merging
93. Conjoined Items
Using the Conjoined Items Feature
94. Cataloging Electronic Resources — Finding Them in Catalog Searches
Adding a Located URI to the Record
Located URI Example 1
Located URI Example 2
Using Transcendant Bib Sources for Electronic Resources
95. Using the Item Status interface
Accessing the Item Status interface
Through the Search menu
Through the Circulation menu
From the OPAC view
Specific fields
Active date
96. Using the Volume/Copy Editor
Specific fields
Acquisitions Cost
Accessing the Volume/Copy Editor by barcode
Accessing the Volume/Copy editor from a catalog record
97. MARC Batch Edit
Setting Up a Batch Edit Session
Action (Rule Type)
Other Template Fields
Advanced Matching Restrictions (Optional)
Adding a new field to all records
Delete a field if it contains a particular string
98. Managing Authorities
Creating Authorities
Importing Authorities
Setting up Authority Record Match Sets
Manage Authorities Interface
Searching for authorities
99. Link Checker
Search for URLs
View Your Results
Manage Your Sessions
Edit Columns
Clone Sessions
View Verification Attempts
100. Notes about the Bibliographic Schema in the Database
Bibliographic fingerprint
101. MARC Templates
Adding MARC Templates