Chapter 32. Circulating uncataloged materials

Table of Contents

Pre-cataloged item settings
Non-cataloged item settings
Adding a new non-cataloged type
Deleting a non-cataloged type


This section discusses settings for circulating items that are not cataloged. Evergreen offers two ways to circulate an item that is not in the catalog:

  • Pre-cataloged items (also known as on-the-fly items) have a barcode, as well as some basic metadata which staff members enter at the time of checkout. These are represented in Evergreen with an item record which has to be manually deleted or transferred when it is no longer needed.
  • Non-cataloged items (also known as ephemeral items) do not have barcodes, have no metadata, and are not represented with an item record. No fines accrue on these materials, but Evergreen does collect statistics on these circulations.