Fund Tags (Optional)

You can apply tags to funds so that you can group funds for easy reporting. For example, you have three funds for children’s materials: Children’s Board Books, Children’s DVDs, and Children’s CDs. Assign a fund tag of children’s to each fund. When you need to report on the amount that has been spent on all children’s materials, you can run a report on the fund tag to find total expenditures on children’s materials rather than reporting on each individual fund.

  1. To create a fund tag, select Administration → Acquisitions Administration → Fund Tags. Click the New Fund Tag button. Select a owning library and add the name for the fund tag.
  2. To apply a fund tag to a fund, select Administration → Server Administration → Acquisitions > Funds. Click on the hyperlinked name for the fund. Click the Tags tab and then click the Add Tag button. Select the tag from the dropdown menu.