Fund Tags (Optional)

You can apply tags to funds so that you can group funds for easy reporting. For example, you have three funds for children’s materials: Children’s Board Books, Children’s DVDs, and Children’s CDs. Assign a fund tag of children’s to each fund. When you need to report on the amount that has been spent on all children’s materials, you can run a report on the fund tag to find total expenditures on children’s materials rather than reporting on each individual fund.

  1. To create a fund tag, select Administration → Acquisitions Administration → Fund Tags. Click the New Fund Tag button. Select a owning library and add the name for the fund tag.
  2. To apply a fund tag to a fund, select Administration → Acquisitions Administration → Funds. Click on the hyperlinked name for the fund. Click the Tags tab and then click the Add Tag button. Select the tag from the dropdown menu.

For convenience when propagating or rolling over a fund for a new fiscal year, fund tags will be copied from the current fund to the new year’s fund.