Chapter 18. Managing Funds

Table of Contents

Funding Sources (Required)
Funds (Required)
Fund Tags (Optional)

Funding Sources (Required)

Funding sources allow you to specify the sources that contribute monies to your fund(s). You can create as few or as many funding sources as you need. These can be used to track exact amounts for accounts in your general ledger.

Example funding sources might be:

  • A municipal allocation for your materials budget;
  • A trust fund used for collections;
  • A revolving account that is used to replace lost materials;
  • Grant funds to be used for collections.

Funding sources are not tied to fiscal or calendar years, so you can continue to add money to the same funding source over multiple years, e.g. County Funding. Alternatively, you can name funding sources by year, e.g. County Funding 2010 and County Funding 2011, and apply credits each year to the matching source.

  1. To create a funding source, select Administration → Acquisitions Administration → Funding Sources. Click the New Funding Source button. Give the funding source a name, an owning library, and code. You should also identify the type of currency that is used for the fund.
  2. You must add money to the funding source before you can use it. Click the hyperlinked name of the funding source and then click the Apply Credit button. Add the amount of funds you need to add. The Note field is optional.