Part VII. Ordering materials

Table of Contents

16. Introduction
17. When should libraries use acquisitions?
18. Managing Funds
Funding Sources (Required)
Funds (Required)
Fund Tags (Optional)
19. Ordering
Providers (Required)
Distribution Formulas (Optional)
Helpful acquisitions Library Settings
Preparing for order record loading
Preparing to send electronic orders from Evergreen
20. Acquisitions Administration
Acquisitions Settings
Cancel/Delay reasons
Create a cancel/delay reason
Delete a custom cancel/delay reason
Create a claim policy
Create a claim type
Create a claim event type
Create a claim policy action
Currency Types
Create a currency type
Edit a currency type
Distribution Formulas
Create a distribution formula
Edit a distribution formula
Electronic Data Interchange
Entering SANs (Standard Address Numbers)
Create an EDI Account
EDI Messages
Exchange Rates
Create an exchange rate
Edit an exchange rate
MARC Federated Search
Fund Tags
Funding Sources
Create a funding source
Allocate credits to funding sources
Allocate credits to funds
Track debits and credits
Create a fund
Allocate credits from funding sources to funds
Transfer credits between funds
Track balances and expenditures
Fund reporting
Edit a fund
Perform fiscal year close-out operation
Invoice menus
Invoice item type
Invoice payment method
Line Item Features
Create a line item alert
Line item MARC attribute definitions
Create a provider
Add contact and holdings information to providers
Edit a provider