Preparing for order record loading

If your library is planning to upload order records in a batch, you need to add some information to your provider records so that Evergreen knows how to map the copy data contained in the order record.

  1. Retrieve the record for the provider that has supplied the order records by selecting Administration → Acquisitions Administration → Providers. Click on the hyperlinked Provider name.
  2. In the top frame, add the MARC tag that contains your holdings data in the Holdings Tag field (this tag can also be entered at the time you create the provider record.)
  3. To map the tag’s subfields to the appropriate copy data, click the Holding Subfield tab. Click the New Holding Subfield button and select the copy data that you are mapping. Add the subfield that contains that data and click Save.

  4. If your vendor is sending other data in a MARC tag that needs to be mapped to a field in acquisitions, you can do so by clicking the Attribute Definitions tab. As an example, if you need to import the PO Name, you could set up an attribute definition by adding an XPath similar to:

    code => purchase_order
    xpath => //*[@tag="962"]/*[@code="p"]
    Is Identifier => false

    where 962 is the holdings tag and p is the subfield that contains the PO Name.