Chapter 40. Receipt Template Editor

Table of Contents

Exporting and importing Customized Receipts
Exporting templates
Importing Templates
Receipt Customizations
Print Holds Slip with Landscape Layout
Hold_Slip #1
Hold_Slip #2
Receipt Templates
Receipt Template Editor Macros
General Macros
Additional Macros for various slip types

There are many default receipt templates included with the Evergreen staff client. These templates are saved on individual workstations. Customization can be done workstation by workstation or by exporting the templates to import to other workstations.

All receipts in Evergreen follow a basic format of a Header, Line item and Footer.

The receipt templates follow full W3C html.

The Receipt Template Editor can be found at: Administration → Workstation Administration → Receipt Template Editor

The Editor can also be found on the default home page of the staff client.

Receipts come in various types: Bills, checkout, items, holds, transits and Payments.

To edit a Receipt:

  1. Select Administration → Workstation Administration → Receipt Template Editor.
  2. Choose the Receipt in the drop down list.

    select checkout
  3. Make edits to the Receipt on the right hand side.

  4. Click out of the section you are editing to see what your changes will look right on the Left hand side.

  5. Click 'Save Locally' in the Upper right hand corner.


Receipt templates use macros for various pieces of information coming from the Evergreen database. Macros deal with everything from the Library name to the due date of an item. See list Receipt Macros for the macros. You can also click on MACROS on the screen to see the macros that are available for a given receipt.


Remember: Not all Macros listed on the pop up screen will work. The listing of macros are drawn from the table that the receipt pulls information from. Some of the tables will not have any data in some of the fields. Example is the %mbts_xact_finish% on the Bills Current Slip, as this is a list of current bills, they would not have a finish date.

Exporting and importing Customized Receipts

Once you have your receipts set up on one machine you can export your receipts, and then load them on to another machine. Just remember to 'Save Locally' once you import the receipts on the new machine.

Exporting templates

As you can only save a template on to the computer you are working on you will need to export the template if you have more than one computer that prints out receipts (i.e., more than one computer on the circulation desk, or another computer in the workroom that you use to checkin items or capture holds with)

  1. Export.
  2. Select the location to save the template to, name the template, and click Save.
  3. Click OK.


Importing Templates

  1. Click Import.

  2. Navigate to and select the template that you want to import. Click Open.

  3. Click OK.
  4. Click Save Locally.
  5. Click OK.