Part VI. Working with holdings data

Table of Contents

14. Using the Item Status interface
Accessing the Item Status interface
Through the Search menu
Through the Circulation menu
From the OPAC view
Specific fields
Active date
Printing spine labels
Turning off print headers and footers in Firefox
Turning off print headers and footers in Chrome
Creating spine labels
15. Using the Volume/Copy Editor
Specific fields
Acquisitions Cost
Copy Number
Accessing the Volume/Copy Editor by barcode
Accessing the Volume/Copy editor from a catalog record
16. Working with volume/copy templates
Creating a new volume/copy template
Using a volume/copy template
17. Monograph Parts
Add a Monograph Part to an Existing Record
Monograph Part Merging
18. Copy Buckets
Managing Copy Buckets
Creating Copy Buckets
Editing Copy Buckets
Sharing Copy Buckets
Deleting Copy Buckets
Adding Copies to a Bucket
From the Copy Bucket Interface
From a Catalogue Search
From the Scan Item Interface
Removing Copies from a Bucket
Editing Copies in a Bucket
Deleting Copies from the Catalogue
Placing Holds on Copies in a Bucket
Transferring Copies to Volumes
19. Copy Tags
Adding Existing Copy Tags to Copies
Creating and Applying a Copy Tag During Cataloging
Removing Copy Tags from Copies
Adding Copy Tags to Copies in Batch
Searching Copy Tags
Digital Bookplate Search Field
Keyword Search
20. Conjoined Items
Using the Conjoined Items Feature