Part VIII. Cataloging administration

Table of Contents

21. Authorities
Authority Control Sets
Add a Control Set
Add a Thesaurus
Authority Fields
Create an Authority Field
Browse Axes
Create a new Browse Axis
22. Call Number Prefixes and Suffixes
Configure call number prefixes
Configure call number suffixes
Apply Call Number Prefixes and Suffixes
23. Statistical Categories Editor
24. MARC Import Remove Fields
Create a MARC Import Remove Fields profile
Import Options
Permissions to use this Feature
25. Copy Tags (Digital Bookplates)
Creating Copy Tags
Create Copy Tag Types
Create Copy Tags
Managing Copy Tags
Editing Tags
Deleting Tags
26. MARC Record Attributes
Managing Fixed Field Drop-down Context Menus
Multi Valued Fields and Composite Record Attributes
Multi Valued Fields
Composite Record Attributes
Coded Value Maps
Composite Attribute Entry Definitions
Search and Icon Formats
27. Z39.50 Servers
Restrict Z39.50 Sources by Permission Group
Administrative Settings
Restrict Z39.50 Sources by Permission Group
Storing Z39.50 Server Credentials
28. Administering copy locations
Creating new copy locations
Deleting copy locations
Modifying copy location order
Copy location groups
Create a Copy Location Group
Order Copy Location Groups
29. Importing materials in the staff client
Staff client batch record imports
When to use the MARC Batch Importer
Record Match Sets
Create Match Sets
Quality Metrics
Import Item Attributes
Overlay/Merge Profiles
Importing the records