Chapter 22. Ebook API integration

Table of Contents

Ebook API service configuration
OverDrive API integration
OneClickdigital API integration
Additional configuration

Evergreen 2.12 supports partial integration with third-party APIs provided by OverDrive and OneClickdigital. When ebook API integration is enabled, bibliographic records from these vendors that appear in your public catalog will include vendor holdings and availability information. Also, when a user is logged in, the public catalog dashboard and My Account interface will include information about that user’s checkouts and holds for supported vendors.

For API integration to work, you need to request API access from the vendor and configure your Evergreen system according to the instructions below. You also need to configure the new open-ils.ebook_api service.

This feature assumes that you are importing MARC records supplied by the vendor into your Evergreen system, using Vandelay or some other MARC import method. This feature does not search the vendor’s online collections or automatically import vendor records into your system; it merely augments records that are already in Evergreen.

A future Evergreen release will add the ability for users to check out titles, place holds, etc., directly via the public catalog.

Ebook API service configuration

This feature uses the new open-ils.ebook_api OpenSRF service. This service must be configured in your opensrf.xml and opensrf_core.xml config files for ebook API integration to work. See opensrf.xml.example and opensrf_core.xml.example for guidance.