Removal of open-ils.ingest service

The open-ils.ingest service is no longer required, and has been removed.

You should update your opensrf.xml file to remove references to open-ils.ingest, and you may also wish to remove the OpenILS/Application/Ingest.pm file from your Perl @INC path.

In opensrf.xml, remove the entire <open-ils.ingest> element from the <apps> element, and remove <appname>open-ils.ingest</appname> from any <activeapps> elements where it is present.

If you have the perldoc command installed, you can use the following command to locate the path on disk of the Ingest.pm file, which is no longer required and can be removed:

perldoc -l OpenILS::Application::Ingest

Reporter view classic_current_circ dropped

As part of the DB upgrade, the reporter view "reporter.classic_current_circ" was dropped. If you previously installed this view from example.reporter-extension.sql, it will have to be re-installed by executing the "CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW reporter.classic_current_circ AS…" SQL once again from example.reporter-extension.sql.