Chapter 61. MARC Record Attributes

Table of Contents

Managing Fixed Field Drop-down Context Menus
Multi Valued Fields and Composite Record Attributes
Multi Valued Fields
Composite Record Attributes
Coded Value Maps
Composite Attribute Entry Definitions
Search and Icon Formats
Multilingual Search in Evergreen
Search Syntax
Advanced Search
Adding Subfields to the Index
Infrastructure Changes to Authority Browse
Backend functionality
Staff User Interface
Virtual Index Definitions
Keyword Virtual Index Definition
Configuring Virtual Index Definitions
Search Term Highlighting in Search Results

The MARC Record Attribute Definitions support the ingesting, indexing, searching, filtering, and delivering of bibliographic record attributes.

To Access the MARC Record Attributes, click AdministrationServer AdministrationMARC Record Attributes

Managing Fixed Field Drop-down Context Menus

The MARC Editor includes Fixed Field Drop-down Context Menus, which make it easier for catalogers to select the right values for fixed fields in both Bibliographic and Authority records. You can use the MARC Record Attributes interface to modify these dropdowns to make them better suited for catalogers in your consortium.

To edit these menus, you can follow these steps:

  1. Click Administration → Server Administration → MARC Record Attributes.
  2. If there’s not already a dropdown for your fixed field, click New Attr. Definition and fill out the form using other fixed field attribute definitions as a model.
  3. If you can find an attribute definition for your fixed field in the list, click the "Manage" link in the Coded Value Maps column.
  4. Click New Map.
  5. In the SVF Attribute field, type the name of the Attribute you identified in steps 2-3.
  6. In the code field, type the actual value that will go into the fixed field (typically 1-4 characters). You can add an option to keep that fixed field empty by typing a space into this field.
  7. In the value field, type the short description you’d like your catalogers to see in the dropdown menu.
  8. Optional: add a longer description of this value in the Description field.
  9. Check the OPAC Visible checkbox.