Chapter 51. Creating a Booking Reservation

Table of Contents

To create a reservation from a patron record
Search the catalogue to create a reservation


The "Create a booking reservation" screen uses your library’s timezone. If you create a reservation at a library in a different timezone, Evergreen will alert you and provide the time in both your timezone and the other library’s timezone.

Only staff members may create reservations. A reservation can be started from a patron record, or a booking resource. To reserve catalogued items, you may start from searching the catalogue, if you do not know the booking item’s barcode.

To create a reservation from a patron record

  1. Retrieve the patron’s record.
  2. Select Other → Booking → Create Reservations. This takes you to the Create Reservations Screen.
  3. If you want to create a reservation that lasts less than a day (such as for a study room), select Single-day reservation as the reservation type. If your reservation will last several days (such as for a video camera needed for a class project), select Multiple-day reservation.
  4. In the area labeled "Reservation details", select the Choose resource by barcode tab if you know the specific barcode of a resource you’d like to reserve. Otherwise, select the Choose resource by type tab.
  5. A schedule grid will display on the bottom part of the screen.
  6. If necessary, adjust the day or days that are displayed. You can also make other adjustments using the Schedule settings tab.
  7. For non-catalogued resources, patrons may wish to specify certain attributes. The Attributes tab allows you to do this. For example, if a patron is booking a laptop, they can choose between PC and Mac laptops if they need to.
  8. When you have found the days or times that work the best, you can proceed with creating the reservation, by doing one of the following:

    • Double click the appropriate row in the grid.
    • Use the tab and space keys to select the appropriate rows, then press Shift+F10 to open the actions menu. Select "Create Reservation".
    • Select the appropriate rows in the grid, then right click to open the actions menu. Select "Create Reservation".
    • Select the appropriate rows in the grid, then select the actions button. Select "Create Reservation".
  9. Adjust the values in this screen as necessary.
  10. Select the "Confirm reservation" button.
  11. The screen will refresh, and the new reservation will appear in the schedule.