Using Evergreen’s Acquisitions Module

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
1. About This Documentation
2. About Evergreen
II. Logging into Evergreen
3. Registering a Workstation
4. Basic Login,
5. Logging Out
III. Best Practices for Using the Browser
6. Pop-up Blockers
7. Setting Browser Defaults for Web Client
Setting the Web Client as the Home Page in Chrome
Setting the Web Client as the Home Page in Firefox
8. Tab Buttons and Keyboard Shortcuts
Setting New Tab Behavior
IV. Configuring Evergreen for your workstation
9. Setting search defaults
10. Turning off sounds
V. Acquisitions
11. Initial Configuration
12. Acquisitions Workflow
VI. Selection Lists and Purchase Orders
13. Selection Lists
Create a selection list
Add items to a selection list
Clone selection lists
Merge selection lists
Delete selection lists
Mark Ready for Selector
Convert selection list to purchase order
14. Purchase Orders
Naming your purchase order
Activating your purchase order
Line item statuses
15. Brief Records
Add brief records to a selection list
Add brief records to purchase orders
16. MARC Federated Search
17. Line Items
Return to Line Item
Display a Count of Existing Copies on Selection List and Purchase Order Lineitems
VII. Load MARC Order Records
18. Introduction
19. Basic Upload Options
20. Record Matching Options
21. Default Upload Settings
22. Sticky Settings
23. Use Cases for MARC Order Upload form
VIII. Invoices
24. Introduction
25. Creating invoices and adding line items
Creating a blanket invoice
Adding line items from a Purchase Order or search results screen to an invoice
Search for line items from an invoice
Create an invoice for a purchase order
Link an existing invoice to a purchase order
26. Electronic Invoicing
27. View an invoice
28. Receive Items From an Invoice
Receive Items in Batch (List Mode)
Receive Specific Copies (Numeric Mode)
IX. Managing patron purchase requests
29. Introduction
30. Adding a request
31. Adding requests to selection lists
32. Placing purchase requests from a patron record
X. Using the Public Access Catalog
33. Basic Search
34. Advanced Search
Sort Results
Search Library
Limit to Available
Exclude Electronic Resources
Search Filter
Numeric Search
Expert Search
35. Boolean operators
36. Search Tips
37. Search Methodology
Order of Results
38. Search Results
Facets: Subjects, Authors, and Series
Viewing a record
39. Details
Placing Holds
SMS Call Number
Going back
A. Attributions
B. Admonitions
C. Licensing

List of Tables

35.1. Boolean symbolic operators