Standing Penalties

In versions of Evergreen prior to 2.3, the following penalty types were available by default. When applied to user accounts, these penalties prevented users from completing the following actions:

  • CIRC - Users cannot check out items

  • HOLD - Users cannot place holds on items

  • RENEW - Users cannot renew items

In version 2.3, two new penalty types are available in Evergreen:

  • CAPTURE - This penalty prevents a user’s holds from being captured. If the HOLD penalty has not been applied to a user’s account, then the patron can place a hold, but the targeted item will not appear on a pull list and will not be captured for a hold if it is checked in.

  • FULFILL - This penalty prevents a user from checking out an item that is on hold. If the HOLD and CAPTURE penalties have not been applied to a user’s account, then the user can place a hold on an item, and the item can be captured for a hold. However, when he tries to check out the item, the circulator will see a pop up box with the name of the penalty type, FULFILL. The circulator must correct the problem with the account or must override the penalty to check out the item.