Evergreen can provide CGI authentication for EZProxy. To enable this, you will need to:

  1. Add a new User Activity Type to Evergreen for EZProxy CGI authentications.

  2. Add a new Remote Authentication Profile to Evergreen. You will probably want to use EZProxyCGI as the name.

  3. Edit the <Location /api/ezproxy> stanza in Evergreen’s eg_vhost configuration file. In particular, you will need to allow access to from your EZProxy server, fill in the base uri of your EZProxy server, and add a secret to the OILSRemoteAuthEZProxySecret variable.

  4. Restart Apache.

  5. Edit the EZProxy user.txt file. You will likely want to add a stanza such as the following:

Sample user.txt stanza
MD5 <same secret as in eg_vhost config>
Expired; Deny expiredticket.htm

When this feature is enabled, users will see an Evergreen-based login screen. You may customize the look and feel of this login screen by editing the relevant template toolkit files.