Administering the Physical Characteristics Wizard

The MARC 007 Field Physical Characteristics Wizard enables catalogers to interact with a database wizard that leads the user step-by-step through the MARC 007 field positions. The wizard displays the significance of the current position and provides dropdown lists of possible values for the various components of the MARC 007 field in a more user-friendly way.

The information driving the MARC 007 Field Physical Characteristics Wizard is already a part of the Evergreen database. This data can be customized by individual sites and / or updated when the Library of Congress dictates new values or positions in the 007 field. There are three relevant tables where the information that drives the wizard is stored:

  1. config.marc21_physical_characteristic_type_map contains the list of materials, or values, for the positions of the 007 field.

  2. config.marc21_physical_characteristic_subfield_map contains rows that list the meaning of the various positions in the 007 field for each Category of Material.

  3. config.marc21_physical_characteristic_value_map lists all of the values possible for all of the positions in the config.marc21_physical_characteristic_subfield_map table.