Hold-driven recalls

In academic libraries, it is common for groups like faculty and graduate students to have extended loan periods (for example, 120 days), while others have more common loan periods such as 3 weeks. In these environments, it is desirable to have a hold placed on an item that has been loaned out for an extended period to trigger a 'recall', which:

  1. Truncates the loan period

  2. Sets the remaining available renewals to 0

  3. 'Optionally': Changes the fines associated with overdues for the new due date

  4. 'Optionally': Notifies the current patron of the recall, including the new due date and fine level

Enabling hold-driven recalls

By default, holds do not trigger recalls. To enable hold-driven recalls of circulating items, library settings must be changed as follows:

  1. Click AdministrationLocal AdministrationLibrary Settings Editor.

  2. Set the Recalls: Circulation duration that triggers a recall (recall threshold) setting. The recall threshold is specified as an interval (for example, "21 days"); any items with a loan duration of less that this interval are not considered for a recall.

  3. Set the Recalls: Truncated loan period (return interval) setting. The return interval is specified as an interval (for example, "7 days"). The due date on the recalled item is changed to be the greater of either the recall threshold or the return interval.

  4. 'Optionally': Set the Recalls: An array of fine amount, fine interval, and maximum fine setting. If set, this applies the specified fine rules to the current circulation period for the recalled item.

When a hold is placed and no available items are found by the hold targeter, the recall logic checks to see if the recall threshold and return interval settings are set; if so, then the hold targeter checks the currently checked-out items to determine if any of the currently circulating items at the designated pickup library have a loan duration longer than the recall threshold. If so, then the eligible item with the due date nearest to the current date is recalled.

Editing the item recall notification email template

The template for the item recall notification email is contained in the 'Item Recall Email Notice' template, found under AdministrationLocal AdministrationNotifications / Action Triggers.