Bootstrap-based OPAC

Evergreen includes an experimental OPAC with a cleaner, more modern design.

To enable the new OPAC design, open the /etc/apache2/eg_vhost.conf file.

Find the following line:

PerlAddVar OILSWebTemplatePath "/openils/var/templates"

Add the following line directly below it:

PerlAddVar OILSWebTemplatePath "/openils/var/templates-bootstrap"

Be sure that, if you have any local customizations, that they are referenced below this line. This way, your customizations will still appear in the new OPAC design (although they may need to be adjusted to better fit the new style).

You can also turn on the new OPAC for some virtual hosts only, by adding it to the appropriate virtual host entry. Be sure to reference the OILSWebTemplatePath for the templates-bootstrap directory before referencing any local customizations used by that virtual host.