Modifying Report Templates

Table of Contents

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Report templates can be modified to change how the output displays or what data is gathered for the output.

It is recommended that staff run a report from the original template to see what output is generated before modifying a template.

  1. Start by cloning the template you wish to modify. Follow steps 1 through 7 in Cloning a Report Template.

  2. The Report Template Editor will open. See Report Template Editor for information on using the editor.

  3. Make your desired changes.

  4. Select Save Template.

  5. Your new template can now be found in the folder you saved it in.

  6. Run a report from the new template to see if the desired output is generated.

    If the path for one of your display fields or filters is incorrect, you will get an error instead of the expected report output. Sometimes the error text will give you a clue about what isn’t working.

    Report Output Error

    You can modify your template and try again. It may be helpful to review Troubleshooring Report Templates.

  7. Repeat the above steps until your template works as desired.

It is not unusual to create multiple versions of a template when working to modify a template. Once you have a template that works as desired, it is recommended that you delete the interim versions of the template. See Deleting Report Templates.