Accepting credit card payments

Evergreen can interface with services like, Stripe, PayPal, or Payflow to allow users to pay fines and other charges in the Public Catalog. Credit card settings can be configured in the Library Settings Editor.

Setting up credit card payments

Credit card payments are controlled in the library settings. These settings are protected by two permissions. In order to view the current settings, you need the VIEW_CREDIT_CARD_PROCESSING permission. To add, update, or remove these settings, you will need the ADMIN_CREDIT_CARD_PROCESSING permission.

To enable credit card payments, you will need to set the following settings:

  • Settings related to your credit card processor: AuthorizeNet, PayPal, PayflowPro, or Stripe. The correct values for these settings will come from the processor. The library settings editor includes many settings for each processor; you may not need to fill in every one.

  • The "Name of the default credit processor" setting. This should be the processor you set up in the previous step.

  • The "Allow credit card payments" setting. This should be True.

Be sure you are applying these settings at the correct organizational unit context. For many libraries, these settings should be applied at the System level.

Running in Test Mode

This test mode is designed to be used on your library’s Evergreen test server. To avoid confusing your patrons and changing billing totals, do not use this mode on a production Evergreen server.

You can enable test mode using the library settings editor by setting your credit card provider’s test mode setting to True. For example, if you use Authorize.Net, you can enable test mode by setting "AuthorizeNet test mode" to True.

In this test mode, Evergreen will display information from your processor about whether or not the payment information was successful. The payments will not actually be charged to the relevant credit card, but the Evergreen patron’s balance will be adjusted according to the test payment.

Your credit card provider should be able to provide test credit card numbers for your testing purposes.

Stripe Settings

As of 3.6 Stripe in Evergreen is using version 3 of the Stripe client library and the Elements API. As of 3.8, Stripe in Evergreen is using the Payment Intents API.

There are several Library Settings related to Stripe. As with other payment processor settings, setting or changing these requires the ADMIN_CREDIT_CARD_PROCESSING permission and viewing these settings requires the VIEW_CREDIT_CARD_PROCESSING permission.

Settings are checked relative to the patron’s home library.

  • Allow credit card payments - this must be set to TRUE in order for any payment processors to be used

  • Name default credit processor - this setting designates which payment processor to use, and should be entered as Stripe

  • Enable Stripe payments - set to TRUE in order to allow Stripe to process payments

  • Stripe ISO 4217 currency code - this must be entered in lower case and will default to usd if unset. Stripe supports a subset of ISO 4217: This setting is new in 3.8.

  • Stripe publishable key - this value is provided by Stripe when you set up an account with them. It must be entered precisely as given or payment processing will not work.

  • Stripe secret key - this value is provided by Stripe when you set up an account with them. It must be entered precisely as given or payment processing will not work.

If you wish to test your Stripe setup, there are test cards and responses available from Stripe:

Additional documentation from Stripe related to the Payment Intents API can be seen on these pages: