Cloning Report Templates

In Evergreen, reports are run from templates that can be used multiple times. Library staff can create their own templates or clone templates from other users, or clone their own templates to make changes or modifications to the template.

When creating a new template it is a good idea to review the shared templates first: even if the exact template you need does not exist it is often faster to modify an existing template than to build a brand new one. A Local System Administrator account is required to clone templates from the Shared Folders section and save them to My Folders.

The steps below assume you have already created at least one folder in Templates. If you have not done so, please see Creating Folders.

  1. Navigate to Administration → Reports.

  2. In the Shared Folders section select the arrow beside the Templates folder to see the shared template folders. Use the arrows to expand the folder tree until you find the folder containing the template you would like to clone.

    Folder Tree
  3. Select the folder name to display the contents.

    Selected Folder
  4. Check the box beside the template you wish to clone.

  5. From the drop-down menu choose Clone selected template. Select Submit.

    Clone Selected Template

    By default Evergreen only displays the first 10 items in any folder. To view all content, change the Limit output to setting from 10 to All. Be aware that this may cause performance issues in large-data systems.

  6. Select the name of your folder where you’d like to save the cloned template and then click Select Folder.

    Select Folder
  7. The template editor will open. For information on modifying templates, see the section on Modifying Templates.

  8. Update the template name and/or template description if desired.

  9. Select Save Template. Once a template is saved it is not possible to edit the template. To make changes, clone a template and change the clone.

    Save Template
  10. A pop-up will appear confirming that you wish to save the template. Select OK/Continue.

  11. The template can now be found in the folder you saved it in.

    Folder View