Auto Suggest in Catalog Search

The auto suggest feature suggestions for completing search terms as the user enters his search query. Ten suggestions are the default, but the number of suggestions is configurable at the database level. Scroll through suggestions with your mouse, or use the arrow keys to scroll through the suggestions. Select a suggestion to view records that are linked to this suggestion. This feature is not turned on by default. You must turn it on in the Administration module.

Enabling this Feature

  1. To enable this feature, click AdministrationServer AdministrationGlobal Flags.

  2. Click Filter under Name. Choose Is Exactly and search 'opac.use_autosuggest'.

  3. Double click anywhere in the row to edit the fields.

  4. Check the box adjacent to Enabled to turn on the feature.

    If you checked Enabled in step 4, and it should autofill opac_visible under Value. Evergreen will suggest searches for which there are matching MARC records with copies within your search scope. For example, it will suggest MARC records with copies at your branch.
  5. Click Save.

Global Flag Setting for Auto Suggest

After this global flag is enabled, it’s recommended to:

  1. Remove cached values of global flags and other settings from memcached. You can use this command, replacing localhost with the location of your memcached server:

memcdump --servers localhost | grep ^EGWeb | xargs -n 1 memcrm --servers localhost
  1. Restart or reload Apache on all webservers.

Using this Feature

  1. Enter search terms into the basic search field. Evergreen will automatically suggest search terms.

  2. Select a suggestion to view records that are linked to this suggestion.

Auto Suggests in Search