Search Templates

Search templates all you to save search options and inputs for future use.

You may create a search template using any search pane. However, since the Keyword Search pane contains the most options, search templates are most useful on this pane.

You can follow these same instructions to make templates for any search pane.

To access the Search Templates menu, select Search Templates below the Library Selector in the top-right corner of the Staff Catalog page. A dropdown menu opens.

The Search Templates menu is hihglighted below the Library Selector

Creating a Template

To create a search template, first make all desired selections. You may make selections in the following fields: Format, Catalog Field, Matching, Sort Results, and Publication Year.

You may also add additional search rows. If you use multiple search rows, you may also make a selection in the Join With field.

Filters and checkbox selections will not be saved in a search template.

This example contains selections in all possible fields. This would be a useful template for helping patrons find newer books.

The Keyword Search pane containing two search rows with the following fields highlighted

Then select Search TemplatesSave Template. The Template Name dialog box appears. Enter a brief, descriptive name and select Save. This template will now appear on the Search Templates menu.

Use a unique name that describes the search settings.
Save Template dialog box with the following text: Books by Title or Auth after 2000

Using a Template

To use a saved template, select Search Templates located below the Library Selector in the top-right corner. A dropdown menu opens.

Then, select a template from the list below the gray dividing line.

The current template, if any, appears in bold.

The Search Templates dropdown menu

Deleting a Template

To delete search templates, select Search Templates located below the Library Selector in the top-right corner.

To delete the current template, which will be shown in bold on this dropdown menu, select Delete Selected. The Confirm Delete dialog box will open. Select Confirm. The template is deleted.

To delete all saved templates, select Delete All Templates. The Confirm Delete All dialog box will open. Select Confirm. All templates are deleted.

Search Templates menu with Delete Selected and Delete All Templates highlighted